Your Personal, Private Doctor — Estelle Toby Goldstein, MD

Estelle Toby Goldstein is one of the most skilled and highly trained doctors, has more experience with all kinds of medical practices and is also the nicest person you will ever meet.  She will use whatever it takes — traditional or alternative medicine — to treat you right.


A Balanced, Whole Body Approach to Patient Care…

… old-fashioned care you can’t get anywhere else.

Doctors no longer control much of what 

happens in doctors’ offices and hospitals.

The average managed care system gives a doctor an average of 10 to 15 minutes with each patients.

The doctor sees upwards of 20 or 25 patients per day.

Insurance companies and government programs keep reducing the reimbursement to the doctor, so the doctor has to work long hours and quickly burns out.


  • Wrong Diagnosis
  • Wrong Prescription
  • Wrong Dosage
  • More Side Effects
  • Slower Recovery – or No Recovery
  • Frustration for the patient and the doctor – and potentially DANGER for the patient!

“Dr. G. gave me my life back

I ran across Dr. G. socially and we got to talking.  She said she might be able to help me out.  Turns out I’m NOT bipolar; I was sick from celiac disease and none of the HMO puppets took the time with me to figure it out.  Now I’m off all the psych meds, on a gluten-free diet, and using a nutritional regimen Dr. G. recommended that works like a charm.  I kept going to the HMO shrink and therapist for a little while, just to be sure, and after a year of remission they declared me well and sent me on my way. Back when Dr. G. was helping me she wasn’t billing for as much, but I would have paid ANYTHING to have the mental and physical health I enjoy now. — Proud New PhD

Why should you –

  • Interrupt what you should be doing?
  • Wait in a crowded waiting room reading out-of-date magazines?
  • Arrive on-time for your appointment and be kept waiting to see the doctor?
  • Be “taken care of” by a physician’s assistant or nurse?

“Dr. G is a Godsend”

I suffer from bipolar disorder and can’t tolerate the psychotropic drugs used by the traditional establishment to treat my illness. I have tried many of these medicines with reactions ranging from severe allergic response to being so exhausted that I sleep all day long. So it was with great relief that I discovered the practice of Dr. Goldstein, who is able to successfully treat BP and other disorders with natural substances. Being able to stay stable and live my life without the horrendous side effects of traditional medications used to treat bipolar disorder is a gift, and without Dr. G’s help, my quality of life would be sorely decreased.

In addition to improving my life with her expertise in natural and alternative medicines, Dr. G. has taught me coping strategies that help me in my day to day. She has been a warmly supportive and compassionate guide through difficult and trying times. I highly recommend her services to anyone, but in particular to those who feel they are slipping through the cracks of traditional psychiatry and insurance companies.  — Back In Action

There are doctors who offer “Concierge” services and there are doctors who work on retainer, but –

NOBODY offers the amount of training 

the years of experience, and

the level of care you receive from

Estelle Toby Goldstein, MD

Lifetime Diplomate of The American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry

Your Own Personal, Private Doctor Is There For You To Give You Special Attention Tailored To Your Specific Needs




  • ASAP Appointments – In Person, By Telephone or Video Conference (Usually same-day or Next day)
  • Access to Doctor Goldstein through dedicated phone lines and the doctor’s personal cell phone number
  • 24 hour/7 days per week phone/email/fax messaging


  • As many visits as you need
  • Whenever you need them
  • In your own home, office, club or at a resort setting
  • Traveling with you to wherever you can receive the proper treatment.

Personalized Attention:

  • Long, no-rush visits
  • Keeping track of medication and/or treatment regimens for you to simplify your treatment.


  • Total Confidentiality to the full extent allowed by law.
  • Nobody has access to your records without your signed consent or a court order.

Medical Advocacy:  If you live outside the area where Dr. Goldstein is licensed to  practice medicine –

  • Helping you to find the best doctor if you need outside specialists or services.
  • Liaison with hospitalists or emergency room staff to brief them on your condition and to translate their “medical-ese” jargon for you.
  • Overseeing your treatment to insure you are getting only the best.
  • Working on your behalf to correct any problems the treatment staff or facility may have made in treatment, billing or personal issues.
  • Language translation during foreign travel.
  • Acting as your expert witness in court.

Managed Care Can’t Give 

You This Type Of Service.



Cutting-Edge Treatment, 

Top-of-the-line care that’stailored to your life.

Retaining A Personal, Private Doctor Is Not For Everyone –  But It May Be Essential To Those Who:

  • Have a health problem that is difficult to manage
  • Are not satisfied with the progress (or lack of it) in current treatment
  • Believe they have an undiagnosed or misdiagnosed problem
  • Are refused benefits by standard insurance providers
  • Want immediate access to their doctor
  • Need an advocate to help them navigate the system during extreme medical crises



Dr. Goldstein limits her practice to only 20 patients worldwide by annual contract. This allows her to give her maximum effort to those who value services highly enough to trust her with their care.


  • By Application Only
  • May be subject to waiting list
  • Contingent upon a personal interview by Dr. Goldstein
  • Receipt of a signed agreement and payment of the annual fee or first installment.

When all of her openings are filled, Dr. Goldstein will not accept any new patients until annual contracts are renewed.

Usually, there are only a few openings each year.

Dr. Goldstein offers three levels of service –

All membership options include an extensive annual medical evaluation and treatment plan.  You get a complete diagnostic workup and examinations to identify any problems and monitor progress on existing treatments.

The number of clients accepted for each level is strictly limited and there may be a waiting list for acceptance.


When you need a level of service and regular attention that you can’t get through traditional channels, and would like access through phone, email and even video conferencing.  Your membership gives you this high-level access, and the option of visits with the doctor whenever you want on an “a la carte” basis. Only ten Premium Care clients are accepted each year, ensuring you will have the doctor’s full attention.


With all the benefits Premium Care provides, you may need even more personal care and attention.  In addition to your annual diagnostic and progress examination, Platinum Care clients also receive a free wellness and lifestyle screening with care plan tailored to your needs and goals. During your Platinum Membership, one personal visit per month is covered and other visits and services are available on an “a la carte” basis. Only six Platinum Care patients will be accepted each calendar year.  Some of the “a la carte” services are free and some are available at reduced rates for Platinum Care members.


If you truly need a personal, private doctor, then Unlimited Care could be perfect for you.  Only one Unlimited Care membership will be accepted each calendar year.  As the name implies, you will have total access to Dr. Goldstein, any hours, any days, even holidays.


Don’t leave your health care up to chance.

  • Don’t gamble on varying levels of care when seeing whichever doctor (or student) is on call
  • Don’t gamble on seeing a different doctor each time
  • Don’t gamble on seeing a doctor who doesn’t know your medical history or needs
  • Don’t gamble on getting an appointment when you need one.
  • Don’t gamble on waiting in a crowded, busy clinic
  • Don’t gamble on having enough time with a doctor who has a full schedule.


You Will Be Proud To Say Dr. Goldstein Is Your 

Personal, Private Doctor

Enjoy the security of knowing that 


Will Take Care Of You